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Hello and welcome to The Royal Society for the Pursuit of Love Birds (RSPLB), Nature’s favourite amateur bird watching club and unusual dating agency!

We’re here to help you spot a mate for life (or the night) using our extensive study of birds and their romantic behaviours. With binoculars in one hand and a field guide in the other we’ll lead you through the thrilling, yet often confusing, landscape of early Love. Helping you to identify just exactly what type of birds delight you (with often suprising self-revelations), we'll then embark with you on a madcap dating adventure, a spectacle of romance and an impressive array of courtship displays…

Summer of course is our busiest time, when lots of migrating birds pass through, and it is during this time that you can find us out in the rolling hills of England. Our regular locations are the Park field at Glastonbury; the meadows of Cornbury Park for Wilderness and the South downs of Bestival. If you are lucky enough to catch us on our Summer outings then please do drop by for a tour of our camp, housing our HQ Clubhouse, our Love Nest tent, our infamous Twitchers Discotheque and our hidden Pour Your Heart Out bar (entrance reserved for the broken hearted only). Please refer to our What We Do section for more on what you might get up to whilst visiting us…

We also hold regular club meetings in London and are always happy to attend gatherings, parties and weddings should you like to invite us along.

If you are currently single and living in London then join us for 'SPRINGWATCH', a humourous, ornithologically aroused singles walk on Hampstead Heath, 26th April 2014

We also recently hosted a heaving Twitchers Club at The Bethnal Green Working Mens Club in November 2013, and are set to continue the night in the near future.

Please see our Single? section of the website for more info on these events.

Break Beds, Not Hearts!
With love from all at The RSPLB x